People First. Excellence Always.

LTD is proud to be powered by the brightest and most dedicated people in the hospitality industry. Our dynamic team consistently raises the bar in hotel excellence and career initiatives across extended-stay, upscale and full-service properties. Our platform of award-winning services always puts people first.

Finance & Accounting

Our solid reputation and long-standing relationships with financial institutions are the backbone of our finance department. We secure permanent financing and construction loans at competitive rates and terms, positioning our assets for financial success right off the bat. This translates to maximum returns for our investors.

Our accounting team communicates regularly with hotel managers, guaranteeing sound financial management.  This equips the team to:

  • Identify trends
  • Reduce expenses
  • Accommodate peak business times
  • Operate the hotels at a profit

Our audit team is in place to reduce financial risk and ensure financially sound hotels by:

  • Monitoring bad debt
  • Regularly testing internal audit processes